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Welcome to starcelebs_rp. This is a community for people to come and role-play as their favourite stars! We only have a few rules in this community, but please respect those few rules. This community is a laid back one, but we insist that:

-You must be 16 or over to RP in this community.

-People do not have their characters involved in incest relationships or mpreg (male pregnancies). Anything else is fine, adoptions, gay marriage, bi, straight, gay etc

-There is a limit of 3 weeks for your character to incur pregnancy and have the baby instead of waiting the whole 9 months!

-We ask that you update your journals at least once a week, as most of RP is done through AIM, we still need to keep track of storylines through LJ!

And finally:
-No OOC (out of character) or IC (in character) character flaming, discrimination, etc., If problems do occur it will be handled in the way that we see best.

And have fun, too! :D

Please apply by simply leaving the name of the person you want to play, with your name, age, sex, and then the characters name, age and sex, and if you have had any RP experience. If you are accepted, comment back with your character’s LJ name and AIM name. You will then have 48 hours to create your account and screen-name.